More custom art!

Spriting is something i've done in my spare time since I was a kid. Here i've pulled up my favorites of my random miscellaneous sprite work from over the years!

I made this pixel art of Dry Bones for my good friends Sound Cloud cover for an 8 bit album he's working on. Check his stuff out, it's awesome!

photo nesshouse.gif

photo pein-1.gif

photo npc.gif

photo us2.gif- I made sprites of me and my friends 

photo johnscottypilgs-1.gif

photo wip2-3.gif

photo win-1.gif

 photo upsmashl-2.gif

 photo psimaglucas-1-2.gif

 photo pkfirehit-2.gif

photo BFV2-1.gif

photo nessyluc-1.gif

photo kn-1.gif

photo roxas13.gif

 photo water-2.gif photo acombo-2.gif

photo npnlee.gif

photo qw.gif photo fn5.gif

photo tca.gif

photo f-1.gif

photo qwe9.gif