My new logo!

Here's a model sheet of an original character I created. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Next up i'll be making an expression sheet for him- still not sure what to name him but for now i'm going with Jido. (G-doe)

More Yo-kai Watch fan art!- This time it's a crossover with Pokèmon!

Some fanart of my favorite Yo-kai: Jibanyan!

The Sakura Samurai. I was thinking of an idea for a comic book and came up with this. I've got a story for these two in my head, hopefully one day i'll get to actually drawing it!

Generic swordsman protagonist!: 

Here's some fan art I did of my favorite series! I sketched it on paper then I digitilized it using my new moniter tablet. It was good practice.

Here are some character designs, I was coming up with my character for my Digital Animation Techniques final.

  • This is the character design I Decided to go with. Here it is vectorized! 

Click to see an animation of him walking

Here's concept sketches of my characters for my MIP 2 final project. You can view the finished animation here! Can you see the Adventure Time influence??!

A drawing I did of myself, depicting my typical nights pretty accurately haha